Boul Exhibition in Paris

Boul Exhibition in Paris

In the Salle Paul Rosenberg, the legendary gallery of the art dealer of Pablo Picasso, the works of Jack Boul and four other painters were displayed in June 2022.

Like their illustrious predecessors, their common vision is subjective rather than objective, interpretive rather than hyper-realistic; what the French have dubbed “peindre à la première personne” – first person figurative.

These five contemporary painters come from different countries, schools, traditions. Though each has their distinct style, they share an awe of beauty in the real world around them, readily acknowledging their debt to Camille Corot, Pierre Bonnard and the Macchiaioli, among others.

The show was curated by Virginia Isbell and included her work along with the artists Nora Douady, Fernando X. Gonzalez and Albert Hadjiganev.